Terms of Service

1. The reservation becomes valid upon receipt of the reservation or for customers with
receipt of the booking confirmation.

2. The rental contract is concluded between the customer making the reservation and HP Sports.

3. The renter is fully responsible for the rented sports equipment.

4. The sports equipment may not be passed on to third parties.

5. The rental price is to be paid directly in the rental shop at the end of the rental period.

6. At the beginning of the rental period, the renter must present an official photo ID (passport or driver’s license) and agrees that a copy of this document will be made.

7. The loan devices are not insured. For a surcharge according to the price list, they can be insured against breakage and theft. In the event of improper treatment, the costs for the repair will be charged.

8. In the event of theft, the lessee must report the matter to the responsible security authority within 24 hours and report it to the lessor. A confirmation from the police must be submitted. If the sports equipment is not insured, we will charge EUR 350 for the Gold category, EUR 250 for the Silver category and EUR 150 for the Bronze category.

9. The exchange of the rented sports equipment is possible at any time. If sports equipment from a higher category is used, the surcharge must be paid according to the price list.

10. If rented after 2 p.m., the rental price will only be charged from the following calendar day. If the sports equipment is returned before 10 a.m., the current calendar day will not be charged.

11. If the sports equipment is not used due to unfavorable weather, the rental price will not be reimbursed. However, in the event of non-use due to illness or accident, the rental price will be reimbursed upon presentation of a medical certificate.

12. The lessee must ensure that the sports equipment is stored in such a way that confusion or theft is prevented. For this purpose, skis should only be parked individually and separately from one another or kept in ski safes. During the night, the sports equipment must be kept in a locked ski room in the accommodation or in a locked car.

13. By signing the rental agreement, the lessee confirms the correctness of his personal data, which is used for professional binding adjustment. The lessee may not arbitrarily change the binding settings made by the lessor.

14. If the rented sports equipment is not returned on time without good reason, the renter must expect that the theft report will be filed against him.

15. Personal data that you provide on this website will be processed and used exclusively to process your inquiries or online reservations, in compliance with the applicable national and European data protection regulations. Permanent storage and use of the data for marketing purposes only takes place with your explicit consent (in the course of customer registration, …). This consent can be revoked at any time and free of charge, e.g. B. by email to office@hp-sports.at. In any case, HP-Sports will protect the confidentiality of your data and
will not sell, rent or make them available to third parties.

16. The national courts in Austria are exclusively responsible for all legal disputes in connection with or in relation to online reservations via this shop.